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Mad Max: Fury Road is considered by many to be the best movie this summer. Dumb, plotless, absurd and demented, it did it’s job and entertained millions. George Miller, the series creator, gathered a big crew and asked for “all the crazy ideas”. Thus Mad Max was born.


On the coattails of the movie comes the game in which you take on the role of Mad Max as he tries to escape the Wasteland, this time with the help of Chumbucket, an experienced if a bit insane mechanic, who gifted him the Magnum Opus, his new vehicle. What happened to the old one? It got destroyed by Lord Scabrous Scrotus, son of Immortan Joe, the main antagonist from the movie Fury Road. That also means that the Mad max game is not a movie adaptation, which is a positive. Magnum Opus is ok, but not good enough, especially for later clashes. What are you going to do about that? Upgrade it, of course. With what? Various accessories that you’ll find along the way.


You’re going to spend most of the time driving around and getting into fights with other clans and individuals, and their vehicles. And sometimes you’ll have to face them toe-to-toe in melee combat, using the well known mechanic from other Warner Bros games. If you’ve played one of them, you’ve played them all. What’s more important is that those missions are fun. The combat is solid, weapons are plentiful, atmosphere is good and there are some great action scenes. Once you’ve gathered enough material, Chumbucket can upgrade your vehicle so you can be even stronger while roaming the desert. The problem? It’s all too repetitive. After a few hours of gameplay you’ll realize that you’re doing the same things over and over again. That wouldn’t be such an issue if the developers hadn’t decided to complicate the search for resources and items you need to progress. That means that you might roam for hours upon hours in search of something you need without any encounters, battles or events. There are a number of side-quests out in the world along with the main quest line, but once again you’ll soon realize that they are the same set of repeating missions. Far being from it that Mad Max is the only sandbox game that’s guilty of this. The problem is that this time the developers simply went overboard.


Be that as it may, the graphics, character design, animations, and general environment, despite being a desert wasteland, deserve all praise. Like we mentioned at the beginning, playing Mad Max is fun, but only for the first couple of hours. After that it starts to drag. Which is a shame, because the battles are pretty fun and so is the “pimping “ of your vehicle.


Author: Stefan Starović

Mad Max



  • Fun (at first)
  • Pretty big world map
  • Solid vehicle combat


  • Repetitive, goalless
  • Combat consists of pressing just one button

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