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INTERVIEW: SuperButterBuns

We often hear about famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Markiplier with their huge viewer numbers and the number of views of their videos. Their secret is that they’re entertaining to a broad audience and they publish their clips regularly, sometimes even a couple of them per day. They are entertainers and they’re good at what they do. But what happens when entertainment combines with video games and useful information? Then we get the “SuperButterBuns” channel.

SBB used to be a small channel which grew exponentially thanks to likeable “Buns” whose humor and voice makes her viewers smile through every second of each video. Through her “For Beginners” series, SBB showcases games to people who don’t usually play them. Even if the viewers don’t stick around for excellent editing, they will for her humor. We’ve had a chance to chat with her, and here’s what we’ve found out:


You’ve achieved a huge following in a short period of time, how do you feel about that? What’s your secret?

So far the growth has kinda been overwhelming and I feel really blessed that people have been so supportive and kind. A part of me was scared I would get a negative response when I started because the internet can be really harsh sometimes but amazingly people just really enjoyed the content. Secret wise I’m not super sure there is a BIG secret. I always say upload with purpose and make a video has if 100,000+ people are gonna watch it but minus that I follow the “basic” YouTube tricks. Ya know like make a good thumbnail have good sound and editing and what not. Course my voice does stand out compared to other channels so maybe that has something to do with it?


SuperButterBuns logo white (new)


Which “For Beginners” took you the longest to make / was most difficult?

When I started out my “For Beginners” were much shorter and only took me like a day to make. Now they take me days to edit and are way longer so I have to say “Persona 4 Golden for Beginners” was the most challenging because I used a ton of effects and wanted it to be my biggest video yet since most of my fanbase is made up of persona fans.


Do you think your followers are watching “For Beginners” for entertainment or information?

I like to think both but then again I get a lot of comments saying they don’t care about the game and just think I’m funny so who knows. Course I make the videos funny so people have a good time even if they don’t have interest in the game and then I cross my fingers and wish upon a star they actually find it useful if they decide to try out the game for the first time.


Is Jeffery doing well?  (

Kinda? Poor Jeffery actually broke off a part of his leg while I was shooting the film. Luckily super glue exists but he just doesn’t stand the same anymore.


Did you have any negative experiences with YouTube? If so, can you give us an example?

So far it’s been pretty smooth. I mean I get the occasional copyright claim & mean butt hurt comment and people who hate you for no reason but that’s expected. I try my hardest not to upset people and be positive so my community is incredibility accepting and supportive so rarely do I deal with negativity.


6)      How did you come up with the idea for the channel?

I wanted to make YouTube content about games but wasn’t sure what to do to stand out. I had experience in video editing so I thought I’d stick to scripted and heavily editing content but didn’t want to just do the typical scripted stuff. A lot of my close friends are non gamer and I wanted a way to help people who don’t know crap about games have a little jump start and then I looked around YouTube to see if anyone was doing beginners guides for non “hard-core” games and I didn’t find a whole lot. So “For Beginners” was born!


Why SuperButterBuns? Why not ExquisiteButterBuns?

SuperButterBuns is a name I’ve been using online for a while now actually. Originally I was trying to make a Tumblr account with the user name ButterBuns (because I LOVE bread) but it was taken. So I added Super in front of it and got a baby blog following with that name over the course of a few years. When I started making videos I stuck to the name I had. And I think my name fits my personality pretty well and having a name that matches my Avatar worked well too.


Are you doing all the graphics for your videos?

I am! I wouldn’t say I’m a good artist but it gets the job done. It’s not the fanciest stuff either but I’m a simple person so it works for me.


How did you come up with the design?

The original “Bun” was not drawn by me actually but by a friend after I asked her to draw me as a piece of bread. After having the drawing for a while I deiced to digitize it, change some stuff, add color and new faces for my channel.


What would you recommend to up and coming YouTubers?

Explore and find an idea that works for you. People notice effort so always put effort into content and try to make something that you yourself would enjoy and make sure every second is entertaining and cut everything that is boring. Editing helps like crazy! Also people will excuse bad video but never bad audio. Sound first!


Paper or butter?

Butter all the way! As long as it’s salted though because unsalted is painful….course so is paper.


Would you like to say something to your followers here in Serbia?

Even on the other side of the world ya’ll are a bunch of huge nerds!


As we all know, success comes through hard work. SBB is a perfect example how hard work, humor and a pinch of talent can turn a small channel into something big over a short period of time. We have subscribed to SuperButterBuns’ channel, and invite you to do the same at


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